Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The Great Homeschool Convention is coming up in two weeks

General comment time. I have mentioned before that Matt Walsh is profiting at the expense of reasonable public discourse. Well, it is now apparent that he probably has a financial interest in attacking public education (see: all the misinformed posts in which Matt Walsh argues that public education is unnecessary and terrible.) You can also see (look for CPAC reference) how entwined all of these interests are with political aims. Of course, Matt Walsh has also expressed his desire for America to become a theocracy, so that should not be a surprise.

When you mix money and political strategy with public discourse, you end up with ideological ranting based on no evidence whatsoever.

Matt Walsh writes:

Just a reminder that the Great Homeschool Convention is coming up March 20-22 in South Carolina.
Find the website here.
I’ll be speaking on Saturday, and I’ll also be at the conventions in Ohio and California.
Each convention features an enormous Homeschool Curriculum Exhibit Hall along with hundreds of homeschooling workshops. And if you’re new to this, or just considering the possibility of homeschooling, there will be plenty of resources and networking opportunities for you.
Homeschooling is, in my mind, the ultimate expression of parental rights and individual liberty. A homeschooling family seizes control from the government and exercises their God-given right to educate and teach their own children. It’s a beautiful thing, and so I’m excited to be a part of an event like this.
Also exciting: the list of speakers. Mike Gallagher, Michael Medved, John Rosemond, and Ben Carson, just to name a few. If you saw Carson’s speech at CPAC, you know he can bring it. I guess that’s to be expected from the greatest living medical professional of our time.
It’s not to late to register for tickets.
See you there.

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