Thursday, May 22, 2014

Matt Walsh is too lazy to come up with his own ideas.

When I saw that Matt Walsh, in his latest post about Chelsea Manning, erroneously claimed she was receiving "special attention" and "fast-tracked" for treatment - and knowing of course, that Matt merely regurgitates the arguments of ideologues - I was curious where he got this bit of misinformation. Pretty quickly, I discovered the obvious (and only possible) source: Breitbart (known for journalistic integrity... *eyeroll*). However, what I didn't realize I would find was that Matt lifted the entire idea for his post from Breitbart. He acts like that VA-Manning comparison just came to him, but really he was getting his daily dose of brainwashing from Breitbart, picked an article, and added in some ill-placed and incoherent ranting about the government and the stupidity of the American public. Based on how little he changed Breitbart's wording, I would say this even borders on plagiarism.

(But Matt has better things to do with his time than construct original ideas and arguments. There are a lot of food service workers who need to be told that they aren't working hard enough, after all.)

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