Thursday, August 14, 2014

Robin Williams didn't die from a disease, he died from a choice

While Matt Walsh has found a way to profit madly off of Robin William's death and his unresearched thoughts about suicide, I thought I would share some more accurate information about suicide:

"Too often, victims are blamed and their families and friends are left stigmatized. As a result, people do not communicate openly about suicide. Thus, an important public health problem is left shrouded in secrecy, which limits the amount of information available to those working to prevent suicidal behavior."

Also, I find it interesting to read people who otherwise generally accept Matt's worldview respond critically to his posts - like this pastor who has been struggling with depression.


  1. These were my thoughts after reading his post:

    Matt Walsh is an ignorant man. What's worse, he dresses himself in arrogance and piety. I wish desperately that he would just shut up, but seeing as he continues to spew forth his ridiculousness, I am begging any of my friends who believe in grace and compassion to stop propelling his crap.

    If this statement offends you and you're going to continue to bombard me with his pride and thinly veiled hatred, could you please do me a favour and remove me from your friend list? I'm happy to have discussion about a lot of controversial topics and I'm happy to hear what you have to say about things and I will do my best to be gracious toward differing opinions. But the spread of Matt Walsh's stupidity is crossing some kind of a line that makes me crazy.

  2. Um, okay, I love you. Thank you for expressing my frustrations with Matt's constant barrage of unresearched opinions and argumentative fallacies. I think the thing that bothers me the most is his utter lack of empathy. When I read his blog, it is clear to me that he rarely, if ever, makes an attempt to understand other human beings. His narcissism and ethnocentrism effectively block his ability to see any value or logic in a different point of view. It is as if he does not realize that many of us are thinking people who love our families and want what is best for them. He is satisfied to reduce large portions of humanity to "insane." I have never had a blogger stir up so much frustration in me. Part of that frustration comes from knowing how many of the people I love read and admire him.

  3. How did Matt Walsh profit from his blog about Robin?

    How is saying suicide is a choice lacking in empathy? It's empathetic to tell depressed people they DON'T have a choice? The stars are aligned against them? There is nothing they can do to help themselves? They can't make a Different Choice? They lack free will, just because they are depressed? Doomed to suicide? How cruel.

    Are you the son or daughter of a suicidal person? My mother is one. I have empathy for her, her 11 siblings, and her mother. My Grandmother was left struggling to provide for 3 teenagers. Do you have empathy for THEM? Or only for my grandfather who left his family with nothing but heartache?

    Why is it that asking people to be responsible for their actions is now considered lacking empathy?

    I can empathize with how a person FEELS without AGREEING with how they choose to ACT on their feelings. Can you see the difference? I suffered post-partum depression after twins. As I now understand it, my hormone levels were twice as bad as the typical post-partum mom. I took no prescription drugs. I suffered, immensely. If I had harmed my kids, would you EMPATHIZE with my feelings, as well as actions? Would my hormone imbalance make me no longer accountable for my actions, no longer capable of Free Will? What if I had killed myself? Would you have said me leaving behind my two innocent babies was empathetic towards them or my husband??

    There is a line between compassion and stupidity. We all recognize there are extreme cases. The problem is, everyone is the exception now. No one seems to be accountable for anything. And only certain people get the compassion you speak of. What about the rest? Suicide hurts people. That may not be nice to hear, but it's true. Suicide doesn't take others into account. It's a person only thinking about themselves. Therefore, it's selfish by definition. We CAN empathize with Robin's struggle without agreeing with his solution.

  4. Please blog more - Matt has been promoting police brutality and racism